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Welcome to Clontarf Yacht & Boat Club

IDRA Dinner 2015

The annual IDRA 14 Class Dinner will be held this coming Saturday January 31st in Clontarf Yacht & Boat Club.


There's full details, including the menu, in the attached flyer.

CYBC Spring Dinghy Series - Starts Jan 25

CYBC Spring Dinghy Series - Starts Jan 25

You don’t have to be mad you know (or sane for that matter). Yes, with Santa safely back at the North Pole and the Christmas Swim a fading memory its time for our own version of Operation Transformation – CYBC’s Spring Dinghy Series. Racing kicks off on January 25 for eight fantastic Sundays.

Adrian & Nuala Gallagher's Gap Year

Adrian & Nuala Gallagher's Gap Year

Adrian and Nuala have taken a “Gap Year” from April 2014 until March 2015. They have taken their steel motor cruiser from Dublin to Paris and then Berlin.


In August they returned to France from Germany and are now living on their boat, C’est La Vie at Chalon-sur-Saône in France.  They are returning to Ireland and work at the end of February 2015. Their Westerly Centaur is in storage in Dublin and will hopefully be back in the water at CY&BC next year.


You can follow Adrian & Nuala's adventures by checking out their blog where they publish three posts per week at www.adrianandnualasgapyear.com

The Physics and the Philosophy of Christmas – A Sailors Perspective

The Physics and the Philosophy of Christmas – A Sailors Perspective

Santa was kind. New hydrophobic fleece pants. ‘Keeps legs warm with plush spandex fleece that has excellent water repellency’. God knows I might need them. CYBC’s Spring Dinghy Series is just a couple of weeks away.


No panic though. With seven successful Winter Series races under my belt I am one of the hardened folk. Windy – no problem. Cold – no big deal. Wet – well that’s to be expected. It’ll be easier second time round. Right?


You’d think – but the Christmas break always throws up a few curious contradictions ...


Read on...

IDRA 14/166 Update #10

IDRA 14/166 Update #10

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas a boat!


What better way than to start this update than with a picture of 14/166, planks and sheerstrakes in place! We put the sheerstrakes on in late October/early November, and the width from sheerstrake to sheerstrake is looking good for the measurements (within 5 feet). The sheerstrake, cut from a Kaya Mahogany board has been spliced at station 3 – Donal suggested a semi-circular splice which enabled us to twist and land the sheerstrake from station 3 back to the transom. Donal cut the joint in the Kaya Mahogany with a coping saw and very neat it is too. The joint is reinforced behind which will be hidden under the deck.



Christmas Day Swim 2014

Christmas Day Swim 2014

The Annual Christmas Swim in aid of the RNLI takes place on Christmas Day 2014 at 12.30 sharp.


This swim was initiated in 1975 by my dad, Johnny Wilson, as a method of raising money for the Lifeboats and was originally called “Around the punt for pound” and swimmers had a target to collect twenty pounds. In advance of the first swim, some swimmers actually starting training in October on the Bull Wall (not swimming but running!)



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