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Welcome to Clontarf Yacht & Boat Club

Reflections on the Winter Series

Now that the curtain has come down on out first event Winter & Spring Series, we can take stock of the event.


When planning the series in late summer, we anticipated having 6 to 8 boats participating and one rescue boat needed each weekend.  Space for storage of the boats was allocated in front of the Clubhouse and a small team volunteered to run the event.


The Club had run two pre-Christmas events in the past but had never planned a full winter series so if we succeeded it would be the first time in Club history that we had year-round sailing.


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2014 Ferry Times

UPDATE 2014 Ferry Times

With the Club Launch soon back in the water & the Cruiser Launch imminent and the E Boats not far behind, it’s time for the Club to let you all know when you’ll be able to make your way to your mooring to go racing or for a cruise around the Bay. 


Previously, on the old website, the ferry timetable was published on a monthly basis as a PDF.  On the new site, we're doing it a little differently.  You'll be able to check out the ferry timetable in several ways.


UPDATE: We've added a link to the Ferry Times page in the main site menu so you can easily access the page from mobile devices.  Tap on a green date on the calendar and the Ferry times for that day


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Spring Series Day 5

Spring Series Day 5

A strong westerly breeze greeted us on arrival last Sunday – rather stronger than the forecast.  Ten boats turned up for racing. Dublin Port readings for wind speed were mean wind speed of 28kts and gusting up to 35kts. So a decision was made to postpone for 40 mins as the wind was forecast to drop off later.  


Results on handicap are on the web and with close results on points to date the series winner will be decided on the results of the final races.  


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VHF Operator's Course

VHF Operator's Course

As we all should be aware, it is legal requirement for operators of VHF radios aboard vessels to hold a valid Radio Operator's Short Range Certificate of Competency, commonly referred to as a "VHF Licence".


To help members comply with the law, there will be a VHF Operator's one & a half day course run in the Club on a Thursday evening & Saturday at the end of April. Every member who successfully completes the course & examinations will be issued a Radio Operator's Short Range Certificate of Competency from the Department of Transport.


Course dates: Thursday 24th April at 1930 to 2200 and Saturday 26th April 0900 to 1600 + time for testing.


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Boat Declaration & Summer Storage

We'd like to remind boat owners that in order to enter & compete in Club racing during the summer and to qualify for the additional boat storage points due to them, their declaration forms must be lodged with their Class Captain on or before the deadline date.  Normally, this date is March 14th, but this year the deadline has been extended until April 16th.


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14/166: Planking has commenced!

14/166: Planking has commenced!

The starboard garboard was laid on Tuesday 7th January 2014.  Steamed in a simple plywood box; held in place with sticks and clamps; glued with the mighty SP106. We are entering on a lengthy repetitive process. We have 24 planks to lay. Each will be shaped, steamed, sanded, rebated and sealed. Each will be tried for fit and adjusted. The Sitka spruce is beautiful wood to work with. The boards have tram-track grain and a honey brown colour. They are easy to sand but offer a greater challenge when rebating. Steaming has taken about 20 minutes before the plank is supple enough to get the twist needed to make the bend to the stem. When clamped lightly in place for 24 hours, it keeps the shape.


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